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Full and Productive Employment

Returns to STEM Education and Implications for Middle-Income Trap Countries: Evidence from Thailand

Asst.Prof. Jessica, Ph.D.


Faculty of Economics

This study discusses whether the returns to STEM jobs and STEM degrees are sufficient to attract high ability students to STEM fields compared to other degree areas such as business and finance and whether training more STEM workers is a viable strategy for moving Thailand beyond the middle-income trap.

Corporate sunsets at the top: A study to demystify the effect of aging demographics on corporate governance and sustainability

Asst. Prof. Pattanaporn Chatjuthamard, Ph.D.

Sasin School of Management

This study estimtes the effects of board governance on corporate policies using demographic identification

The Employment System and Capacity Building for Future Work: A Case Study of Automotive and Parts Industry in Thailand

Chadatan Osatis, Ph.D.

College of Population Studies

This study analyses the case of Thai automotive and part industry to improve the employment system and capacity building,  at the organisational level, industrial level and interorgationisational level, for the future of work.  

The Role of Skills Development and Innovation on Productivity and Wages: Evidence from Thai Manufacturing Firms

Yot Amornkitvikai, Ph.D.

College of Population Studies

This study discusses role of skills development and innovations on productivity and wages in the Thai industrial sector so as to develop a policy brief that will contribute to the development of labor skills and enable the economy to develop sustainably. 

Migration and human development; Social protection for the vulnerable groups esp., transnational migrant workers, elderly workers and pre-ageing workers

Montakarn Chimmamee, Ph.D.

Social Research Institute

This comparative study is a revision of the available knowledge on on the caregivers exporting model carried out by public sector and private sector in Thailand in order to find the appropriate caregivers exporting model for Thailand. 

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